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Today, twenty-five percent of children live with a single parent, and over one-half of children will live with only one parent before they are eighteen years old (Tierney, Grossman). Together Lives Change believe that Youth mentoring works best when goals focus on developing trusting relationships with peers and adults.

Mentor Role:

• Take the lead in supporting a young person through an ongoing, one-on-one relationship

• Serve as a loyal friend, confidant, and advisor

• Be a teacher, guide, coach, and role model

• Give what you know with no expectation of reciprocation or remuneration

• Strive for mutual respect

• Build the relationship by planning and participating in activities together

• Help the mentee develop and accomplish goals and increase self-esteem

• Recognize the strengths of the mentee to aid him in flourishing personally

Y.L.A. - Youth Leadership Academy


Youth Leadership Academy (YLA) functions as a development model. We believe that each child identified as “at risk” is really an individual with leadership qualities that need to be nurtured and developed. Our motto “strengthening communities, one leader at a time” captures the heart of the program.

YLA operates as an innovative day support program to provide a stable environment to allow children to learn and thrive. Our system inspires the collaboration between the youth, school and home.



In-school supportive services help teachers create manageable classrooms, administrators to create meaningful dialog with parents and help families to communicate more effectively around behavior and education.

We assist with integrating promising practices and cultural beliefs into the public school setting to benefit the entire community. YLA works one-to-one with youth to help them realize the potential for managing their own behaviors.


In order to effectively address truancy issues and lower drop out rates, YLA utilizes a systemic approach by combining school based and community based interventions to increase positive outcomes for students. YLA focuses on:

– Relationship building between the school and the home

– Enforcing attendance policies

– Providing support to and from school

– Supporting schools to communicate absenteeism to all involved parties

– Providing intensive school interventions

– Collaborating with families and natural supports to identify strengths and resources

– Measuring the impact of the program


As an alternative to In-School Supportive Services, YLA offers a community based after school program that exposes future leaders to:

– Life Skills

– Anger Management Strategies

– Coping Strategies

– Communication Skills

– Problem Solving/Decision Making Skills

– Gang Awareness

– Positive Reinforcements

– Improving Academic Performance


Ask about our 10-week summer leadership program that provides transportation and daily snacks.

YLA is designed to provide continuity of care during the summer months and individuals will participate in:

– Social Skills Building

– Positive Peer Interaction

– Anger Management Skills

– Academic Reinforcements

– Experiential Activities

A.S.A.P. - After School Achievement Program

Our program is designed to accommodate the needs of at risk youth ages 6-13 by being both affordable and high in quality while offering a therapeutic environment. Our quality sets us apart from other programs. Our approach affords academic and social interventions which provide multiple opportunities for children to explore and experiment, enhancing their academic and social skills through play. This approach creates activities that children can participate in at their own developmental level while the staff continues to interact with every child as a facilitator and observer of experimentation and discovery. This type of environment fosters healthy relationships among age appropriate peers and adults while building their social skills.

A.S.A.P. Will:


• Improve social skills

• Provide academic support

• Assist with forming healthy relationships

• Provide electives biweekly

• Address individual triggers

• Develop coping mechanisms

• Provide age appropriate group discussions

• Experiential activities

• Exposure to a foreign language

• Continuity of care through summer programs

A.M.P. - Adolescents Making Progress

A.M.P. is a prevention based program designed to engage teens ages 14-17. This program is geared toward youth development by eliminating barriers to establish true identity. The learning approach is more informal and provides a sense of spontaneity which gives them a voice. Daily the teens are provided with factual information to invoke positive change. The overall goal is to provide guidance and support by promoting personal and social responsibility. It reflects an age continuum of services that generally plans for the needs of youth aging through the program. The ultimate outcome sought is to build effective and comprehensive skill competencies that would allow our youth to transition successfully into adulthood.

A.M.P. Will:


• Provide a refuge to voice concerns

• Cultivate responsible behavior

• Encourage healthy relationships

• Reduce recidivism

• Assist with character development

• Assist with personal discipline

• Enhance decision making skills

• Provide career exploration

• Service learning

• Continuity of care through summer programs

Camp K.I.D.S. - Keeping Individuals Determined To Succeed

In June 2008, Together Lives Change, LLC conducted a 10-week camp in the Hampton Roads area to address the many needs of children with mental health disabilities and who have been placed in more restrictive settings throughout the school year. Camp K.I.D.S. is designed to focus on outcomes by maintaining children in the least restrictive environment and utilizing least restrictive force.

CAMP K.I.D.S. utilizes a comprehensive treatment plan individualized for each child. Staff is trained to provide positive intervention to teach new and constructive behaviors. Counselors provide verbal support for accomplishments and directions for areas of improvement. Through this program, campers achieve improved self-esteem, peer relationships and understanding of their feelings.

Mission Statement:

To educate, nurture and enhance emotional growth of youth ages 6-15 with developmental delays and/or mental health disorders by fostering an environment without the use of physical restraints to address behavioral issues. We will attempt to provide a holistic approach to providing appropriate services for children.

Program Goals:

• Increase their ‘window of tolerance’ in crisis

• Improve behaviors at home and in the community

• Develop effective social, coping and daily living skills

• Improve communication, adaptive behaviors and interpersonal skills

• Generalize newly acquired skills

Camp K.I.D.S. will provide:

• One on One support

• Group Therapy/activities to address social and life skills

• The opportunity for consistent improvement in self esteem

• Understanding of their problems and learning methods of change

• An accepting, caring environment to learn to handle failure or success

• Therapeutic direction by experts in treatment of children

• Weekly off-site recreational activities

Independent Living Services

Helping young people achieve their goals in life takes a concerted effort in letting them know that together lives change. We believe youth who are equipped with the right tools and supported by adults who care will have positive outcomes. Our coaching and counseling team helps young people visualize positive outcomes for themselves. They are trained to advocate on their own behalf, build healthy relationships, set goals, and become fully prepared for adult living.

Personal Growth Coaching:

Well trained mental health professionals and paraprofessionals train individuals to maximize their and growth and development.

Training and Education:

Real world scenarios and practical skills by providing systematic change and steps to successful independent living to ground young people.

• Learn to develop core communication skills

• Learn to write a resume

• Learn to develop a budget

• Reduce chemical dependency

• Learn to make relevant goals

• Develop pre-vocational skills

• Learn to rent an apartment

• Navigate community resources

• Become an outcome oriented individual

• Explore career interest

• Learn to budget for and plan a food menu

• Address chemical dependency issues

• Develop a personal safety plan

• Practice soft skills

• Learn to prepare healthy meals and snacks

• Access long term support networks

• Learn conflict resolution

• Develop a strong work ethic

• Learn to establish and maintain credit

• Training in community integration


• Referral from Local CPS, Social Services Agency or Court Services Unit

• Agency Funding

• Initial Screening

• Foster Care Placement/Community Based Services

T3 - Teens Talking Together


Teens Talking Together

• T3 wants to assist with diverting girls from gang related activities and provide a safe haven for girls to express their feelings and issues. Girls will learn skill development and ways to build their self-esteem that will assist them with ultimately making better choices and decisions.

• T3 is committed to being a strong support system for girls by partnering with local agencies such as the Division of Human Services, Court Services, Community Services Board and other agencies in order to address interrelated issues that are plaguing our communities.

• T3 is a self-motivated and energetic organization for girls that services at risk youth between the ages of 13-17 in the Hampton Roads area.

• T3 will assist girls with the necessary skills to make and obtain positive decision-making skills to prevent future encounters with the juvenile justice system.

G3 - Guys Growing With Goals


Guys Getting Guidance

• G3 is designed to develop leadership skills by providing a safe environment where young men can learn to express themselves in a productive and healthy manner, to work collaboratively, and to discuss issues and concerns that affect their lives, in the home school and community.

• G3 is an all male group facilitated by an all male staff. It affords each participant a non-judgmental environment, peer-lead discussions, and activities which are both fun and instructional in content. G3 provides the future men of tomorrow with a supportive outlet to develop a voice as so many of our youth go unheard.

• G3 is a self-motivated and energetic organization for young men that services at risk youth between the ages of 13-17 in the Hampton Roads area.

• G3 will assist young men with the skills necessary to make and obtain positive decision-making skills to prevent future encounters with the juvenile system.

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