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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reunification?

We assist children that have been placed in foster care in being reunited with their family. We work closely with the family unit to help them overcome the barriers that caused the child to be removed from the home. Reunification is a service designed to educate, teach, empower, and provide the “clinical glue” to bond, heal, and reunite children back into the healthy family environment.


Is Reunification Successful?


Yes. Our goal is not only reunite families but set the foundation for life long skills to help maintain the placement.

What is Community Based Supervised visitation and where does it take place?


Community Based Supervised Visitation provides visitation in the community where the family and children can feel safe. Based on the referring agency and families and appropriate visitation site will be chosen.


Is transportation provided for supervised visitation?




How long have TLC been in existence?


A little over 5 yrs.

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