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Adoption Training

Adopted children who feel positive about their adoption experience can face a variety of emotions as they become teenagers. Together Lives Change is dedicated to providing supportive services to adoptive parents to prevent placement disruption. Because of unique challenges, TLC provides valuable parent education and support services to address their needs. The goal of the program is to preserve the placement and build the family unit. This service will assist with enhancing the parental bond, providing crisis intervention and respite.

Life Skills Development Training

Personal Growth Coaching:


Well trained mental health professionals and paraprofessionals train individuals to maximize their growth and development. Learn to develop core communication skills

Learn to make relevant goals


Become an outcome oriented individual


Develop a personal safety plan


Learn conflict resolution


Eliminate chemical dependency


Navigate community resources


Address chemical dependency issues


Access long term support networks


Training in community integration


Helping young people achieve their goals in life takes a concerted effort in letting them know that together lives change. We believe youth who are equipped with the right tools and supported by adults who care will have positive outcomes. Our coaching and counseling team helps young people visualize positive outcomes for themselves. They are trained to advocate on their own behalf, build healthy relationships, set goals, and become fully prepared for adult living.


Training and Education:


Real world scenarios and practical skills ground young people by providing


systematic change and steps to


successful independent living


Learn to develop a budget


Learn to rent an apartment


Learn to budget for and plan a food menu


Learn to prepare healthy meals and snacks


Learn to establish and maintain credit


Develop pre-vocational skills


Explore career interest


Practice social skills


Develop a strong work ethic


Learn to write a resume

Specialize Housing

TLC’s Transitional Living program is designed to provide appropriate supports to an individual and/or family confronted with a variety of barriers, including time or money management issues, organizational/sanitation concerns, etc. with the final goal of re-establishing permanent housing in a community of their choice.

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